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Rendering - Light, Form, & Material


In this tutorial I give a brief introduction (almost 40 mins, almost 4.5 hrs total) overview of light, form, and materials. I talk about some of the differences between ambient and direct lighting, how important it is to have a good understanding of the 3D shape and form of what you're rendering, and the nitty gritty of surface materials and how roughness can affect reflection.

As I'm painting the knight I started out describing almost everything I was doing (this is my first time really recording myself talking so there was a good learning curve) and mostly after I had demonstrated some of the concepts I mentioned earlier I move on to mention little things that pop into my head as I'm working. I talk extensively about approaching what you're looking at and rendering as a mirror and trying to imagine what will be reflected onto the spot you're looking at using a good understanding of what angle the plane is at in relation to you (the viewer's perspective) and what part of the scene you would see, were that surface a mirror. What will that surface look like based on the environment around it, the material it's made of, and the lighting scenario?

In the parts I'm not talking and just painting I sped it up to 3-4x and tried putting nice music in there. My brother and friend Taylor (aka Doof) were awesome enough to let me use their music for these spots, their stuff is amazing. I also threw in a few of the shitty songs I made a couple years ago when I had a drum set and was learning guitar.

The video is 960p, almost 4 and a half hours long cut into 4 sections: Intro/crash course, the head and helmet part 1 & 2, torso & hand, and da legz. The whole package is just under 4 GB.

I put an insane amount of hours and loving into this, just the painting part was over 10, and editing and exporting was multiple times that. I really hope this helps people get a grip on rendering and painting in Photoshop (the secret is you just zoom in 300% and noodle for hours on end). I think this is an awesome investment for beginner ~ intermediate, maybe even ADVANCED artists wanting to pull off a realistic style through simply painting alone.

Doof & Grub:


Here's a little preview:

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