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Ok, so here's a brief synopsis of what this character's story is. If I end up liking this enough I may put it on the backburner until I really develop my story telling skills and whatnot, but this idea is something I've always wanted to do.

I was thinking of a demon either seeking redemption or being
banished from hell, and in the process losing much of his older
powers (something like he was shamed and had his horns sawed off and
wings ripped off, and when on the earthly plane he is sickly and
gaunt). I was thinking he was a great general in the underlords army
of sorts or part of a round table-esque council. During a battle or something he would witness some sort of traumatic event that would push him over the edge to want to stop being 'evil' or he refused to carry out some deed and was banished.

Ive really bee thinking of a re-envisioning of judeo christian
'lore'. like he was trained by some very powerful demon lord and
after his banishment he would need to defeat them in order to move
on. Still in very baby stages but ive always wanted to do something
revolving around this.

I also want to incorporate a situation in which he gets to ride a giant grotesque bat-beast mount out of hell. For example, he's thrown in a dungeon and sneaks his way to the bat stable and escapes, or he's thrown in a pit like star wars where he has to fight for his life. They would expect him to just be eaten, but by some badass turn of events he tames it and flies off into the sunset.