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Son of Saturn, Angel of Misfortune; Watcher on the Walls of Agartha

Saturn's lessons may be dreaded, but they are not punishments, they are the execution of justice. As long as you resist what the world is teaching you, you will be forced to relive the same hardships again and again. Every single hardship thrown your way is an opportunity to learn and grow, each challenge tailord to your exact weaknesses. The moment you take them on you will be bigger and more capable. The world is not your enemy, it is your mentor, let it teach you. There is only now, and you have already recieved exactly everything you deserve in this moment. If you can see past the pain of the moment you will find love, tough love, in the big picture. Your succsess is the intended outcome and you will never face a challenge you cannot meet, but you will be faced with challenges that you will not, because the solutions are too inconvenient. Become an excellent learner, a deciple